Mom’s the Word- Remixed


Photo credit : David Cooper photography

I am not sure if you knew this about me, but I have two sons, aged 13 and 3.  So I’ve been doing this mom thing for 13 years, but never considered myself as a “good mom”. I let them watch TV, feed them fast food…once I fed them popcorn for lunch. What kind of mother am I?!

Although I occasionally write/talk about my kids, my belief is that I am a woman before I am a mom, and being a mother does not define me. I don’t always want to talk about dipers, breastfeeding and schools, OK?

Tonight, I saw Mom’s the Word – Remixed, -and one of the moms on the show, Beverly Elliot confessed that she hated being pregnant and she enjoyed hanging out with guys more, I immediately resonated with her. I hated being pregnant too.

Beverly mocks all the other moms who wanted to tell “their stories” and touch her belly when she was pregnant -“as if we’re in this giant club“….I felt the same way! …And yet, two kids later I do catch myself smiling at young mothers with newborns….because in fact, we are in this giant club called motherhood.

Event though it does not define me, motherhood is a pretty big part of me.

These mothers will share their true stories about raising the kids, struggles with their confidence as parents, and as women, dealing with teenagers, and much much more.

Amazing thing about this play is, it’s been 18 years since the first Mom’s the Word was created. 6 Vancouver actresses got together and talked about being moms, and making it into a play…and it’s still played mostly by the original cast. It’s incredible. I wasn’t aware of this fact until my friend pointed it out to me. How awesome is this?

It’s a story of motherhood, and I can promise you that you will laugh. I laughed so hard I cried. I also clapped and raised my hand in agreement.

You will find at least one story you can say “I’ve been there!” For me, it’s the LEGO…and the Mayo…and many many more.

I also loved that the actors seemed to be enjoying themselves on the stage. This was obviously my fitst time seeing the show, but I suspect some unscripted thing happened in tonight’s show too. Especially when she did it for the second time! (Sorry, but don’t wanna spoil it for you) The ever changing set is pretty amazing too.

It’s a “trucking” (You need to see it to get this) riot and at the same time very poignant. It’s about the toughest job in the world.

If you are a mom, this is a Must-see. Even if you are not, you still should go see it. You will love it!

The show is now held over until August 28th. Go get your ticket fast.

Note: Thank you Belfry Theatre for the invite to the show. Loved every minute of it!