On Getting Engaged

We have uploaded the video few weeks ago, but the YouTube show my friend Russel and I are doing has turned 1!
Thank you so much for your support.

I think Russel and I met at Spring 2010 Twestival. I called on his Twitter profile pic being too scary and then we totally hit it off.
I still remember the time I had dinner with him at Bard and Banker about starting a video show. Originally my idea was to have a show called “Today on my Timeline” – how cheesy is that?!

Since then, Russel came up with the name Getting Engaged, and we shot our first episode in my old house’s backyard deck. Unlike Russel, who has background in radio, I had never done a video show before. I was nervous, and the first episode was filmed with a pitcher of Margarita I made….and the rest is history.

We had been engaged on Facebook for few months…until I decided to take it down as so many people believed we were a couple and many friends advised me that it’s not helping on me finding a date.(True story)

I know I’m not just speaking for myself when I say we are so blessed with everybody’s support. The opening of the show was created by our Twitter friend Jon Strocel, whom I just happen to meet in Vancouver once for Chris Guillebeau‘s AONC book signing. Since then we got “engaged” and he created the opening for us. Thank you Jon.

We have had many awesome guests and I look forward to having many more. In fact we have a few guests lined up for next few months.
We also have something new in the works as well….can’t wait to show you all!

Here is our latest episode, official opening of Season 2, and we got back to the basics here.

Thank you for watching and thank you, to my Social Media husband Russel for putting up with me.