What are you “supposed to do” on Google+?

This week, I mostly stayed home and worked, and while doing so I also spent a lot of time on Google +. I’m starting to really like it. I don’t think it’s the “Next Big Thing” or it’s better than Twitter or Facebook, but right now it is my favourite social networking platform to connect with people.

Since G+ is still new, at first we saw a lot of people(including me) tying to figure it out. A lot of the posts were about G+ functions. At one point, it was almost like a competition as to who can be the G+ “Guru” first.

But eventually we figured it out, and last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed many people really starting to post a lot of stuff there.

I know some people who posts A LOT of curated contents- like funny videos, amazing photos, blog posts and news articles. That’s great, I actually enjoy many of them, but I saw some people questioning lack of personality. I also saw someone asking what to post on G+.

Just what are we supposed to do on Google +???

I shot a quick video. Have a look.