What we can do – in memory of Trey Pennington

Today we lost Trey Pennington, an author and Social Media consultant based in Greenville, SC.
He lost his battle with depression and took his own life this morning.
I didn’t know Trey personally, but I read his blog and knew him on Social Media. I wouldn’t say I was his friend. Still, this news saddened me deeply and I’ve been thinking about him all day. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

I’ve lost a friend by suicide before, and as Mark Schaefer described in his very touching post here, my friend was, also, the last person to do such a thing. She was almost an extreme extrovert, super outgoing. But she, too, lost the battle with depression.

I have a very minor case myself. Mine are just a fog that hover over my head, and I don’t feel like doing anything. So far, thankfully, I am not needing any medical help. But I know many friends and family who suffer from depression.

I am angry, frustrated, and sad. And I feel helpless. I recently helped out with Courtnall Celebrity Classic, which was a fundraiser in memory of Archie Courtnall, who took his own life 33 years ago. I had just posted the article on Facebook/Twitter about Russ Courtnall getting phone calls from fellow NHLers after Rick Rypien and Wade Belak’s suicides.

I feel like we are doing all we can to tell everybody that depression is real, and it’s an illness, and it is OK to get help. There is no shame in that. Still, these people took their own life.
I’m not blaming them, of course, but I just feel devasted and feel helpless.

Then again, after seeing many touching posts by Amber and Bridget Pilloud, I am reminded that all we can do is to keep talking. Get the conversation going, and don’t hush it up. Amber has asked her readers this, but, I want to ask my readers too – if YOU are reading this, and need help, if YOU feel like there is nobody to talk to, if YOU have the thought of suicide… please, please talk to me. I promise, I will be there for you.

By reading about Russ, I found this website – Lost Behind By Suicide, a website to offer open dialogue on suicide. Have a look.

Trey, Rest in peace….we miss you.