With your own head

There are a lot of gurus, leaders and rock stars out there. It’s almost like designer brands – “I subscribe to so-and-so’s newsletter.” “I’m doing so-and-so’s online course.”

There are certain thought leaders many of my friends seem to follow. First I was judgemental. I thought it was too mainstream to follow these people. And then I felt worried, if I should be following suit and be the fan of this said leader, because surely that many friends cannot be wrong about this person.

These days, we are so connected online, it’s too hard not to crowdsource. Know of a good massage therapyst? Which app should I be using? But we should never crowdsource for your opinion. What should I feel about this? Should I be the fan of XXX?
You need to think with your own head. If you don’t know what to make of a person, learn about him/her. Then make your own judgement. If you end up loving the guru, who cares if your friends think you’re a fangirl. Or if you decide the person is not worth your time and attention, just move on. It’s that simple.