Tea Leaf Reading at Silk Road

How much do you know about tea leaf reading? I have done it once up in Nanaimo, but I barely remember what was said. The fortune teller told me a lot about my fortune, but the time she spent on the tea leaf reading was less than 2 minutes.

So I was pretty curious when I first heard about Silk Road in downtown Victoria was offering Tea Leaf Reading. The owner of Silk Road, Daniela is a lovely friend of mine and she was generous enough to offer me a session with Rachel, Silk Road’s resident Tea Leaf Reader.

When I met Rachel at the corner of the Chinatown store, what I noticed right away was that tea was served without any saucer. You know, “Western style” in a way. As soon as we sat down, Rachel went to grab me a cup of tea, and it came in an Asian style tea cup without a handle. The tea they use for the Tea Leaf Reading at Silk Road is Berry Victoria, one of my favourites. As the name suggests, it is a very Victorian tea, uses many local ingredients. As we sat, Rachel asked me to take the time and enjoy the tea, which I did very much. (It really is a delicious tea). She also asked me to think about the stuff I want to ask about.

I went to this reading without any previous knowledge of the session and completely not knowing what to expect.

Berry Victoria is a black tea with lavender, rose petals, native bergamot, infused with local berries and vanilla bean. So it not only tastes good but also is pretty to look at. I also love how it’s naturally sweet thanks to the berries.

While I sipped the tea we talked about many different things. Rachel said she’s been doing Tea Leaf Reading ever since she was a little girl, as her grandmother taught her how to read it. She also showed me beautiful crystal sticks she uses to point at various things she sees in the cup.

Since Berry Victoria is a loose tea, with many different things in it not just tea leaves (such as rose petals), the leaves move around in the cup as I sip.

First thing Rachel noticed was a bit of leaf stuck on the side of the cup.

“It looks like a jet.” You know, an airplane! (I love flying.)

For about half an hour, we talked about a lot of different things, and every now and then, Rachel would stop me and point me to different things in the cup. As I keep drinking, the leaves in the cup moves around and changes shapes. Really interesting. We saw a gun, a sphinx, a duck, a flower, and the loveliest of all are an angel with a stick, as if she’s poking on me! I loved that. Tea Leaf Reading, I think, is an art of interpretation.

I wouldn’t bore you with details of my personal reading, but it was such a wonderful experience. I’m not the type to believe everything I’m told blindly – my personal belief about fortune telling is for fun and to get encouragement, rather than putting all the weight of life-altering decision, so this was exactly what I needed.

Rachel is lovely to talk to. If you are interested, you can check our her website at Victoria Tea Leaf Reading. She is doing the reading at Silk Road Chinatown on Thursdays (4:00- 5:30pm) and Sundays (1-4pm). The fee is $30 for 20 minutes and $40 for 30 minutes. No reservation necessary.  You can record your session (I used my iPhone). There are also group sessions, parties and lessons available as well as private session at her own tea emporium. Silk Road offers many free events and workshops too. Check their website for details.

This would be a great thing to do with girlfriends, or with a mom or grandma. I hope try it sometime.


Disclaimer: I have received a free tea leaf reading, but I have not been asked to write about it in any way, positive or otherwise. I did it because I wanted to. 🙂