30 Day Vlog Challenge

Mark and Yukari

Some of you might remember, but I have tried blogging every day for 30 days. I failed miserably. Although I enjoy writing, blogging every day was really hard for me, not because of lack of material or motivation, but for pure lack of time. When I have my kids at home, I just don’t have that kind of time. Sadly, I fell of that wagon and had to raise a white flag.

I have also tried working out every day. Now, in this context “working out” is more like “Do some sort of physical activity” and this, I managed to do it more than 30 days. I lost count, but I did around 40 consecutive days. Then I left for Japan and there was no time for anything.

Right when I came back from Japan, my life has been a little hectic, trying to catch up on all the things I’ve put on hold while I was away. Now that things has settled a bit, I thought I should get back into a positive routine. Then I happened to read my friend Masatake Hori’s post(in Japanese) on “Simple habits to make positive change”. He has started podcasting every day for 30 days using Soundcloud. Podcasting has been on mind this year as well, but video comes much more naturally to me. So, I decided to vlog for 30 days. I asked my husband Mark to help, and before I knew it, we are doing a vlog together! In order to do it every day for 30 days, I needed the bar to be quite low.  It’s more of a video dairy than a show. We are using his iPhone 5. No other special equipment. (yet).

Here are the first three episodes.

Mark and Yukari Discuss Their Marriage

Mark and Yukari 30 day Video Challenge #2

Mark and Yukari Discuss How To Not Make A Video

What do you think? Leave a comment and make sure to subscribe to Mark’s YouTube channel to see the latest vlog.

Getting Right Back At It—30DBC Day 11

I have no idea if anybody ever noticed, but yes I didn’t update the blog for the last four days.  During that time my sites went down as well, so I could have just blamed it on my hosting company, but I’m coming clean. My head is not that big to think everybody is waiting for my post, but I have a feeling my supportive friend Ben might have noticed and chances are, didn’t say anything.

I’ve been hearing the word serendipity more often than usual last couple of weeks. Call me flaky, but I like the idea, and believe in it. I got my new job in a way, serendipitously, and many of the team was recruited in a similar way. Very cool.

Last few days it was all about Social Media Camp and TicTalking, I couldn’t spare time to write here. Now I’m back to reality and getting back at it. And I see this in from Chris Brogan in my RSS reader:

Work The Plan 

I was actually thinking of Jacq‘s12in12 and also The Front Nine by one and only Mike Vardy when I was thinking of my own falling. I’m not beating myself up for not doing the 30 consecutive days. No drama. When you stop, take the time, and just start writing again. No biggie.

It was great to see Chris again, this time right here in Victoria, but I never told him about my blog, so I found this quite serendipitous. Thank you for the post Chris.

New Beginning—30DBC Day 10

I’m excited to announce that I have just started my position as community manager at TicTalking, a startup right here in Victoria.

What is TicTalking? It’s a Social Network with Social Conscience. Currently we are in alpha testing, but we are launching our brand at Social Media Camp this weekend, so you can learn all about us then. We are playing this game called #TICGAME, which you can play even though you are not attending the conference. Anybody can play and potentially win. More details coming on that too, so make sure to follow @TicTalking on Twitter.You can also sign up at TicTalking.com to receive the latest news from us.

I, personally, haven’t felt this excited about starting a new position for a long time. I still have my ESL and consulting business, but I’m now remembering how it’s like to have colleagues and team members. It’s so much fun. I’m also a big believer of working (at a company or on your own) with people who have same values, and you actually like. You don’t need to be similar necessarily, but you need to be going towards the same direction.  The team has welcomed me warmly and I already feel like I’m a part of the family. That is significant to me.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Social Media Camp(You can’t miss us —you’ll see), and if you are curious and personally want to buy me coffee to ask questions about TicTalking, I’m happy to meet up too.



Don’t Balance it, Turn it On/Off—30DBC Day 9

My online friend Jitsuko—who has turned me on to do this 30- day blogging challenge, wrote a great post that really spoke to me. Of course, she wrote in Japanese (If you understand Japanese you can read it here.), so I am going to explain her post in English.

We often talk about Work-Life Balance in North America. It’s the same issue in Japan, too. Not just for parents. Basically if you have a life, everyone is struggling with Work-Life Balance. Perhaps more so in Japan where many work long hours.

But Jitsuko says she’d rather think in a different way. Instead of trying to balance everything, in her mind, it works like a switch. You have to turn each one on/off.

-Mom button, Work button, Private button, Wife button…

She says she used to try having multiple buttons on at the same time, but realized only one switch can be flipped on at a time.

So when Mom button is on, she can focus on being a mom, work when Work switch is turned on, Private one (Me time) is particularly important…

and if she can use all the buttons(or maybe you can call them channels) effectively, that is a great day. But if you end up using only one or some of the buttons, things could go a little crazy.


I always said myself there is no such thing as Work-Life Balance. It just does not exist, so don’t look for it. In my opinion, you just have to do what is most appropriate at the time. If the kids need attention, that is important, and sometimes work really needs to be taken care of. And I know it’s not easy.

Jitsuko’s “switch button” theory kind of makes me want to gamify my busy life. Next time I have my kids, let’s see if I can use all the switches effectively, shall we? Suddenly, this sounds much more fun than trying to achieve a perfect Work-Life Balance. Thank you, Jitsuko-san!