Breathe Now -it’s okay!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was in Toronto last week for Blissdom Canada conference. I had many amazing conversations and connections with old and new friends. Some of them asked what I was up to these days. This was my answer.

“Three very talented women and myself are planning a conference for women, Breathe Now in Victoria in spring 2012.”

It is very silly of me that I had almost forgotten that Blissdom Canada has inspired me to do Breathe Now in Victoria. It was after I got back from last year’s Blissdom that I started talking to friends about having an event here. I really enjoyed the positive atmosphere of giant sisterhood of Blissdom Canada.  Social Media is great, because you get to connect with virtually anybody in the world, but I craved that one-on-one, in-real-life connection with like-minded women. And I wanted to do it here in Victoria, my home town.

I believe it was January 2011, when Angela, Janni, Janice and I met and said “So, are we gonna do this?” Hell yes.

Breathe Now is a celebration of women. It’s not a social media conference, so we won’t be talking about blogging or branding. What we will focus is, “Why, us women, always put ourselves as last person to take care of?” “Why do we feel guilty about working and being successful?”

Our mantra is “Its Okay!” 

It’s Okay to be successful.

It’s Okay to take time for ourselves!

It’s Okay not to have the house in perfect order.

It’s Okay to be overwhelmed.

It’s Okay to ask for help!

We are so excited that now we have the dates set – April 14th and 15th, 2012 – and Early Bird Registration is NOW OPEN!

In case you didn’t know, Opening Keynote is by Rona Maynard, former editor-in-chief of Chatelaine Magazine. And Closing Keynote is by fabulous Bif Naked. How can this not be fabulous?

Hope to see you at Breathe Now!