cheero mobile batteries now available in Canada!

My cheero products
My cheero products

I have long been a big fan of cheero mobile batteries. I found out about it first when I was visiting Tohoku region of Japan three years ago. The first one I saw was their Palette series – compact batteries in gold or pink, made for women.

danboard plate and block
danboard plate and block

Since then, cheero kept pushing out innovative products in the mobile battery scene. They are best known for Danboard series, based on a Japanese comic Yotsubato! where a character creates a robot made out of cardboard boxes.

Danboard Revoltech toy (not a battery)

Danboard has been a huge hit, and now they come in different sizes and capacities like Power Plus, Plate, Block, also in Flavour version with various colors. We have Pumpkin and Mint (actually, color wise the mint is in fact light blue).

danboard flavours
danboard flavours

My every day go-to battery is Energy Plus and Ingress Power Cube (1200 mAh). I switch them depending on which battery is fully charged. They both come with nice pouches. Ingress one lights up and it’s really cool.

Energy Plus
Energy Plus

Ingress Power Cube
Ingress Power Cube

My iPhone 6 Plus is pretty good with the battery like (fingers crossed), but when I am out all day for event etc, it’s so nice to have this kind of external batteries. They will charge iPhone 6 for 4.5 times. I love Energy Plus because they come with AC power adaptor. Also? They come with small built-in flashlight. Press the power button for three second or so and it will light up. External batteries are always awesome during the power outages. (which we are prone to in Canada during the winter. Brrr)

Energy Plus was the most powerful battery cheero had at the time (perhaps about an year ago), please note their latest is cheero Power Plus 3 with 13400mAh. This one is half a pound.

usb cable

My other favourite things from cheero are their cables. I hate Apple Lightening Cable and I know I’m not the only one. cheero has braided Danboard cable Length varies from 10cm(3.6inch) to 180cm(6ft), but I recommend you get at least 25cm(9.6inch).

I’ve been watching cheero’s success from over here and I can vouch for their commitment for their products and great customer service. (They are from Japan, after all.) So now you can imagine my delight that cheero products are available in!  Yay! This would make your holiday shopping a little easier, no?

cheero will be at CES in January 2016. Their booth number is 6138. Say hi if you’re going to be there.

(Disclaimer: I have received most of the cheero products to test them out, but no, I was not paid to write this post. I really like their products.)


cheero mobile batteries: Robots and Ingress

cheero Danboard Flavours mobile battery

cheerio is a Japanese company that produces many great mobile accessories. The people there are also awesome, and they have sent me many batteries to check out. My husband and I are going over some of their best products on the video above. The products, in order of appearance are as follows:

cheero Energy Plus mobile battery 12000 mAh

cheero Palette mobile battery 4400 mah

cheero Power Plus mobile battery DANBOARD Ver. FLAVORS (Mint) 10400mAh

cheero Power Plus mobile battery DANBOARD Ver. FLAVORS (Pumpkin) 10400mAh

cheero Power Plus mobile battery DANBOARD version Block 3000mAh

cheero Power Plus mobile battery DANBOARD version Plate 4200mAh

cheero Danboard USB cable

cheero DANBOARD USB Cable with Premium Micro USB Cable (3.2ft (100cm))

cheero DANBOARD Lightning to USB Cable (1.6ft (50cm))

cheero DANBOARD Lightning and Micro USB (0.32ft (10cm))

Ingress Power Cube

cheero Ingress Power Cube mobile battery 12000mAh

Which one is your favourite???

#Geekhouse Grand Opening


Some of you might remember that I traveled to Japan with John P. and Cali Lewis from Geek Beat TV two years in a row. Since then, we’ve become pretty good friends, and I’ve been checking out their shows and occasionally join in the chat room. This year, I went to Japan with ANA again when they launched Vancouver-Haneda route, but this time I went without them and I was missing the Geek Beat guys. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive an invitation to their Geek House’s grand opening party on August 1st in Dallas, TX. I knew they bought a big building (times bigger than their previous studio and they now have an entire building) and been working so hard on setting it up for the big daySo I flew to Dallas to see it with my own eyes. I arrived at the Geek House around 2pm. The first thing I did was to sign this wall… guest wall #GEEKHOUSE After a few minutes of mingling, Cali and John started Geek Beat Live in the studio situated in the very back of the building. studio I’ve seen their “live” setting many times, but it was neat to see it actually happening in front of me. It was live streamed with “live with a studio audience” setting and I believe this might be the first time they did it like that. Usually we’d be all commenting and chatting on their 24-hour chat room when Geek Beat Live is on, (and of course we had it going on during this livestream so that fans around the world could comment) but it was such a fun experience to participate live. After the show, Cali and John moved out of the studio set and the party started. Philip Nelson performed for us while many fun items (worth over $10,000!) were raffled off. Here are some of the cool features and highlight from the Geek House.

Samsung 78 inch Curved UHD TV

curvedtv The second thing you’ll notice when you enter is the massive 78-inch Samsung CURVED UHD TV. I repeat, this TV has a curved screen!  It’s amazing.

Instacube station

instacube If you post onto Instagram with #Geekhouse hashtag, it will automatically be shown on this Instacube. KreepyKitty photobombing optional.


The entire Geek House is decorated with Geek themed posters, such as these. I’m a HP fan, so the one on the left was my favourite.

UpDesk Central

Geek House was full of UpDesks. These are meant to be used standing up, and as you can see in the photo in Cali’s office, she uses it with a treadmill. (I think I’m too clumsy to do that….I’m sure I’ll trip!) Of course, these desk height is adjustable, so you can use it as a regular desk. It’s big, sturdy (as you can see in the photo on the right), and with a custom cup holderI think I want one myself.

Han Solo

stormtrooper This part of the wall was covered with a cloth and what was underneath was revealed in the middle of the night. It’s Han Solo in carbonite!! Apparently, their first version was punctured by a folklift (Ouch), so this was the second one that was made. We had a friendly Stormtrooper there, too!

KEF Blade speakers

These massive, beautiful loudspeakers are $30,000 KEF Blades. We got to listen to a few different tracks with them. The amazing thing was, there was a nickel standing on top of one of the speakers, and it didn’t even flinch while music was playing. Stunning.

Deep Eddy Vodka

Lovely ladies from Deep Eddy Vodka was pouring cocktails for us all night long! These are all natural flavoured vodka from Austin. I particularly liked the sweet tea one. Mixed with lemonade, it tasted so refreshing, and dangerously smooth. (Unfortunately, this is not a permanent feature at the Geek House. Boo!)


My friends at cheero provided some goodies for the raffle – like their signature battery Danboard Power PlusDanboard Mini or REVOLTECH (on the right).


Perhaps the coolest toy in the Geek House, was the CEA Bots – you can set up an ipad on this bot, and download a software on your other tablet and you can control the bot remotely. There were people from UK “joining” us at the party. So freakin cool!

Daria Musk

daria Highlight of the night was when we had Daria Musk join us on Google Hangout for a special live for us. She is incredibly talented and seemed super friendly. I enjoyed her music very much!

Laser Harp

Steve Thompson came all the way from UK to showcase his laser harp skill! This short clip is where he’s playing Doctor Who theme song. He also brought a special autographed poster for Cali and John from David Tennant, the Doctor Who himself. Cool huh?

Photo credit: Gord McLeod

 Chevy Corvette Stingray

Handsome Chevy Corvette Stingray was on display as well. In fact, they also had two other vehicles- Escalade ESV and Cadillac ELR. What a beautiful car.

There was so much more happening that night I could barely write everything down. We had a fantastic meal, a cake, and a Livid Lobster cocktail, photo shootthen more.

I’d like to thank Cali and John for having me there, and also to the Livid Lobster team for the great night. If you ever find yourself in Dallas, be sure to stop by at the Geek House.