Power Animals and Things you love

Blue jay

I had an interesting conversation with Mark last night. I was telling him, yesterday during Bellyfit Live – in case you didn’t know, Bellyfit is a fusion workout of Belly dance, African Dance, Bollywood, Yoga, Pilates etc and for Bellyfit Live, we have a Live DJ to play awesome tracks to dance to – I *think* I heard a bird chirping – and that got me SO excited. I think the sound was part of the track DJ Rowan was using. It’s cool to mix bird sound into music – Tribal, Bass and World Fusion, or whatever, right?

Then I realized that somehow I love birds. I don’t do bird watching or anything, but I get so excited every time a bird comes to my window, or when I hear them chirping. My favourite necklace has a bird motif on it. I love Twitter too! 🙂 I’m drawn to anything bird. Then Mark said that is my “power animal.” Power Animal?  If you know Mark, he is NOT into New Age stuff at all. But he said his animals are the elephant and the coyote. Somehow he gets excited about those animals. He asked me what kind of bird I love. I couldn’t decide on one kind. I like hummingbird and dove I guess. Then here’s another thing – I worked with Dove! I love their logo – flying dove. Coincidence?

According to Wikipedia, Power Animals are “common to shamanic practice in both Eurasia and the Americas. They are the helping or ministering spirit or familiar which empowers individuals and is essential for success in any venture undertaken.” It’s kind of cool, no? It’s like Patronus in Harry Potter. Helping spirit. I like that.

We are all drawn to certain things. Sometimes, it is very clear why you love them. I love great food and drinks. I love reading. I love art. But something like bird? I didn’t know until I found out yesterday.

In Japan, we use Chinese Zodiacs for the year you were born, and I was born on the year of rabbit. Yet I have no special feelings for rabbits.

It doesn’t have to be animals. I also have something that I’m drawn to. Bellyfit. I know thousands of women love Bellyfit because it feels good to move your body. But the connection I feel is something more. I’m not necessarily religious, but every time I go to Bellyfit class I feel very emotional and it feels to me as if it is my religion. Weird, right? But I love the feeling. To love something so much that makes you cry. I told this to the founder Alice and we joked that it’s the Church of Bellyfit. I have no problem with that!

This reminds me of a story of someone I know. I used to study Japanese tea ceremony.  There was this Japanese lady (I’ll call her Mrs. N), who was the #2 of the school, always assisting Sensei with running of the tea school.  She was quiet yet warm and kind, and I really liked her.

One time, during a tea ceremony gathering, somehow the conversation turned to spiritual experience. Then Mrs. N shared her story of she and her husband going to see some Native American ritual. I beleive they were somewhere in the U.S. They were just observing the ritual as tourists, but when the ritual started, somehow she could not stop crying. Tears would just run down her cheeks. Her husband would look at her in surprise and ask, “Why are you crying?” and her answer was “I don’t know!” But we all agreed that the Native American culture must mean something to her.

Having those “Power Animals” or if you prefer a much simpler term – “Things I love” is precisely what makes you special, don’t you think?

I’d love to hear what your thing is. Share in the comment section.